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The Men Who Sell Football

The Times, The Guardian and the Daily Mail reported on the story in the UK.

The anti money laundering publication, ‘AML Intelligence’, wrote that “the allegations have already made their impact even at the top levels of AML”. The head of the G7’s Financial Action Task Force said that the documentary was “sad but true”. PwC financial crime specialist Katheryn Westmore called it “shocking.”

Sports reporter Matt Maher, from the Express and Star, tweeted, “I’m not prone to hyperbole but this might be among the most important pieces of TV ever made about football.”

On Twitter, the documentary was described as “a masterpiece”, “a disturbing watch” and  "jaw-dropping stuff”. YouTube comments praised it as “outstanding”, “incredible" and “world class journalism”. 

The Men Who Sell Football also prompted police investigations in the UK and Cyprus.

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