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All the Prime Minister's Men

The investigation caused a firestorm in Bangladesh. Dhaka’s The New Age newspaper wrote that it was “met by a crush of embarrassment in almost every sphere of the state…to the extent that it was a bombshell, ‘All the Prime Minister’s Men’ was a real stink bomb.” 

The documentary received more than eight million views on YouTube alone. Local media described it as an “explosive” film that had gone “viral on social media”.

Bangladesh authorities labelled the investigation as 'false, defamatory and politically motivated’.

The Economist wrote, “The Bangladeshi government did not investigate the allegations. It did not even bother to rebut the claims in detail…. Instead, it simply dismissed the whole story as a “smear campaign”.

Bangladesh’s main opposition party, the BNP, demanded answers from the government on the evidence of corruption presented in the investigation. 

In February 2021, a Dhaka court indicted in absentia two journalists involved in the production, as well as the Director General of Al Jazeera, on sedition charges.

Bangladesh police also charged a source under the country’s Digital Security Act for "spreading rumours and carrying out anti-government activities".

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