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3 Days that Stopped the World

3 Days that Stopped the World was referenced in publications in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Voice of America and Deutsche Welle. The film was described as ‘amazing’ and praised for its courageous journalism and invaluable evidence of the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to cover up the severity of the outbreak. The lack of information sharing has been blamed for potentially hindering swift containment of the virus, reinforcing the need for press freedom. 

Viewers describe the film as “truth stranger and more horrific than fiction” and “a real life horror film”, many fearing for the safety of the journalists involved. Careful handling of the journalists’ identities and sensitivities concerning the Chinese government has built trust and credibility in the I-Unit. Sources have come forward, seeking to share more evidence with the I-Unit. 


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4 Feb 2022

References our Wuhan investigation