The investigation uncovered over 120 pages featuring neo-Nazi music groups, mostly heavy metal acts. Altogether, the pages collected over 800,000 likes.

They included white-supremacist rockers with swastika tattoos and album art showing the gates of Auschwitz. There are songs longing for a “pure f—ing genocide.”

For years, Facebook has allowed far-right white supremacists a home on their platform but now the social media giant is racing to remove them.

The bulk of the pages have been online for years, actively advertising upcoming concerts, music releases and merchandise. One group, M8l8th, a black-metal band from the Ukraine, samples remarks from Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi anthem Horst Wessel-Lied in their songs.

A Mexican band, Volrisch, uses an album cover showing the entry gate to Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau as its Facebook page cover photo. The album cover shows a tracklist with songs entitled Jewish Plague and New Holocaust.